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Pilates Helps Expecting Mothers

Pilates Helps Expecting Mothers

Most people think Pilates is a new form of exercise due to the recent surges of popularity in the fitness and health care industry. In fact, Joseph Pilates thought was searched about 80 years ago by. 

Pilates is a child who hurts with asthma. To help fight his illness and strengthen his strength, he experimented with various mental disciplines and later became a successful man. Divers, gymnastics and boxers While during the session during the WWI in England he taught his friends concepts and exercises that he developed over 20 years of self-study and internship in yoga, Zen, and Ancient Greek and Romans physical formulas. During this time, Pilates started reviewing the system of the original class exercises known today.  "Pilates works " Within a few years ago he became a nurse to many patients under the care of the war and physical trauma. Here, he starts to review the fitness equipment to restore the patient by using the spring from the bed and clothing them to create a spring resistance and  "Motion" for bedridden. this  "System " contributes to the foundation for the form of his body adjustment used today.

In many ways, Pilates devices today are not much different than they are coming back. The use of tension springs, straps, support for the back, neck and shoulders are used the same for devices today. The characteristic of the device is both a challenge and support the body as it learns to move more efficiently.

With a commitment to help others achieve better health, Pilates opens his first studio in New York in 1926, where he uses his fitness machine and more than 500 training therapy movement to help the athlete refresh and dance. For more than 60 years, this style of exercise is well-kept secret, but the dancers, physical therapists, therapies and people enthusiasts have relied on this Pilates method to get and stay in the upper physical form.

The benefits of Pilates movement exercises for women through pregnancy and postpartum are largely misunderstood. Just put, Pilates is a safe and effective way to exercise for pregnant women to aid in breathing, body alignment and shape recovery and postpartum tones. 

Pilates focuses on breathing, which promotes relaxation and keeps our work. Our contrasting is deeper than that of the abdominal muscles and is responsible for supporting the spine and pelvic area during a time when the tendon is lax due to natural hormonal relaxation excreted by the body during pregnancy and nursing procedures. Side breathing is also in the Pilates exercise, which enhances the agility of the rib cage when the movement in the diaphragm is limited due to the high position of the baby during the third quarter.

Back pain is a common side effect of pregnancy. If the muscles of the thongkraduk and the spine are strengthened, the back problems can occur. Strengthening US ( "ABS) through the recommended Pilates movement will not only improve the pain and alignment of the stand, but it helps women during work for faster delivery, much more secure &. Research has shown that the activation of our surgeries also makes the pelvic floor maintain these muscles stronger and softer for the delivery process. It can also help to cause any disruption you may encounter during and after pregnancy.  

The characteristic of movement in Pilates workouts has a low impact and allows pregnant women to exercise effectively without experiencing stress that is not expedient at this time, the lax joints or the rate of the heartbeat rising Pilates is also associated with stretching and a lot of exercises that help maintain the elasticity of the hip and stamina, which is necessary for well-being and preparations for childbirth.  These exercises are assisted and supported by Pilates devices such as reformer: the handling of the bed; Wunda chair with fountains to create resistance, and the square dangling nodes to hang from Pilates workouts can also be carried out on a mat with a small device such as a pillow or cushions that supports head, Magic Circle, foam rollers and therabands for extra resistance.

Most exercise modifications occur in the second and third quarters due to the rising stomach. The movement of the Pilates all at this point is to do the best ride up the right side or side lying. However, you can work up as long as the head is higher with a cushion of 30 degrees above the heart up to 5 minutes, changing the side for a break.  This allows for natural blood circulation and oxygen to the popular exercises among the pregnant Pilates enthusiasts as legwork on Wunda chairs, it involves sitting on a small stool with a spring attached to the lever and pushing the lever down with your feet. This Pilates movement provides an adjustment for the legs and the activation of the abdominal muscles, which will stabilize the pelvic bones.

It is imperative that your Pilates instructors be certified and experienced in working with pregnant women.


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