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Introducing Kids To Woodworking

Introducing Kids To Woodworking

Wood Works is an interesting hobby with a lot of potential. When you learn and master the basics of this craft, the possibility is infinite. Combine this experience with your kids teaching and you have something truly special. Not only can you cultivate in your children deeply appreciated for the crafts of wood work, you can also combine many lessons and learning skills without your child knowing it! Woodworking can help children with hand-eye coordination, dexterity, solution and measurement skills. Wood works can also teach children how to use abstract ideas and make it true through careful planning from start to finish. However, before you put a big design in a few basic movement covers the first few.

One of the first lessons your child will learn is that the mother or Dad tool is not a toy. Children need to know that if they are going to work in woodshop, there are rules that everyone-even you have to follow the saw, sharp hammer, sore nails or screws left on the floor can cause fall or other injuries, and in all woodshop must be careful and pay close attention. When working in the shop wood, teach your child that he or she should wear safety goggles all the time. Above all, never let your kids to work, do not care. 

Please note that you need to start slowly, you will not want to start by teaching your four years how to use a spinning saw. Instead of giving your baby a small job. A good job will help sand the plank to prepare for dyeing, or give him or her draw a measurement as you hold the ruler and point out that the line should be started and finished. 

Start with the most basic tools and tricks and build them one by one. The first project of a child can be as simple as making a set of shelves or small bookcase. 

Teach your children about various kinds of wood, what the tree produces, the timber and its properties. Tell them why you are using oak wood instead of pine for some projects, show your child that there is more in wood, than cutting and working together of boards. Wood can be bent, carved, burnt, painted, glued or dyed to make things different and beautiful. You can point out the kitchen cabinets, furniture in the living room, guitar in the corners or frame, hanging on the wall is an example of the versatility of wood. 

For those with children under 4 years old, you can also make them familiar with various tools. Many toys resemble the kind of tools that the Papa uses in the workshop, you will get a small workbench with a set of safe tools for small hands or a small version of electric tools, where your child can trick it to work. Whatever the age of the child, you can find a way to spark the interest in woodworking to have a lifetime.


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