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Stuttering Toddler

For parents, it is a big shock when their young toddler starts to sink. What to do next is difficult to decide whether to ask for help from a polished specialist or hopefully it is just a step.

I met a woman who was thirty and her little boy who was four years old had a sink for quite now. She has taken him to cure her words and was very worried about why he started to jam. It may start because the toddler has quite a serious jam, the boy may pick up his next to this method.

Another contact me asked why their toddler has developed a jam and asks for a form of a sink treatment.

I always recommend them to be patient as they can and try to play games, word games with their kids. They can challenge children to speak fluently, they show their children that it should speak, and then challenge them to do the same. When they manage to say that specific words fluently, they then heap a lot of praise on the child, tell them how wise they are and the pride of their mothers and their fathers. I also advise them to be rewarded like small chocolate-small

If instead of a patient, a parent or relative is aggressive, say something like:

 "Get your words to the boys  "

 "Spit It Off!"

These types of comments can have a very negative impact and make the child withdraw into their bark. This may be some people seem very obvious to say, but you won't believe the number of people who have told me this is what they have been saying as a baby.

I have been stuck myself from the age of four. I went to see many of the therapists who offered advice, which generally consists of slowing down my speaking rate and using deep breath before I speak. This does not really work for me and I have to admit my attitude is not what it should be, I believe it is not possible for a therapist to understand what I'm going through, they never have been stuck.

After dealing with the talks that were said for eighteen years ago, I had enough and went about trying to find a solution to my own speaking.

It took me almost a year to overcome the jam and as a profession, now I help others to achieve fluency.


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